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Chronicle's GM Application

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1Chronicle's GM Application Empty Chronicle's GM Application on Fri Aug 19, 2011 5:38 pm


Age:*Above 16*


Timezone:Eastern ::NewYork::

How long have you played In-Sync Story:1 Day

Why do you want to be GM:Its the pure pleasure of aiding a player in need, either if its about the server, or a hacker, or a glitch, what ever cause- I will always be there to resolve the problem and hopefully run this magnificent server even more efficiently.

What will you do as a GM: As my answer before, I want to resolve any problem with the server. I want to aid not only the players, but give the owner a peaceful mind with out any worry knowing I will be there to solve any issues when he isn't, and upgrade the players sense of entertainment towards this server.

How can you help the server as a GM: Mainly, having social time with players. Hosting events, ridding hackers, and making the Sync-Story Community a more respected environment.

How long can you play In-Sync Story:Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday [1pm-5pm, 11pm-2am] (7 hours) Wen. & Sun. [11pm-2am]

Your experience as a GM: 2 & 1/2 years, Ive been playing Private servers since 2009. (Even once hosted my own but I had to quit for school purposes)

Have you met the staff members as of right now:I have not met one yet, but i am looking forward to.

Will you quit this server if I deny your application:
I wont quit this server just because of a denial, if I ever do quit, it may be because of school or just being bored.

What makes you stand out: My honesty, my Integrity, my loyalty, and my social & kind personality makes me a bit more unique.

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